I don't present corporal disturbances neither mental ones. Everything manifests through sensations, that resist to be examined.
I ignore their causes and reasons,
I imagine so much tenderness, sometimes I feel embarrassed.

This shortfilm is made following the series of drawings made by an inmate ive been comunicating with, during the classes I dictate inside the Prison.

We proceeded by sharing a couple of journals, in which he wrote his everyday thoughts and esquematized the quotidien and also his dreams to figure out how this process of violent behaviour and premeditation for a crime works in a personality that doesnt show any sign of mental illness.

In this process I played the role of the copycat, performing as if I was the person who comitted the crime, in order to create a narrative that allows me to feel inside the skin of the perpetrator and find a borderline situation where one is still in control of its desires. I chose a male body as a way of creating a genderless voice that is not conditioned by the sex, I could find myself in his own desires and his strive for control and dominance, exploring his vulnerability I develop scenes that make the spectator be closer to that state, that is perceived as an attractive place by me, showing its potential of pleasure but also of dangerousness.
Recorded in Castro–Castro Penitenciary